Food and Video Games

I’ve had my food, two Uncle Ben’s lazy man’s rice with spicy sauce microwave don’t have to bother cooking meals and now i eagerly and impatiently await The Freelc for Total War Warhammer should be out now for access…er, accessers. Well, if Creative Assembly hadn’t cocked up somehow which is unsurprising so now i have to waaaaaaaaaait longer than my entitled ass expected.

On a more positive note, seeing the doctor who performed surgery on my jaw tomorrow so hopefully will get the all clear to be able to chew food!

Uplay stinks

So i forgot my password for Uplay, mostly due to avoiding having to go on it as much as possible. Can’t reset the password because it seems i used an alt email account for it.So that parts my fault but the part where Uplay even exists, despite Steam existing and having their games on there is Ubisoft’s damned fault. SO some of their games are Uplay only but that’s just to try and get people to accept the turd into their lives… 😦


Rant over

Beard Oil

I must remember to use some tomorrow morning so i don’t scratch my beard like i have fleas whilst at work. Hard to get someone to buy a mattress with that vibe going off…

Recovering from Jaw surgery

I’m now just bored of not being able to eat what i want now, after three and a half weeks of the liquid diet and occasional soft, mushy food. But it’s been ten times better than i thought it would be overall!

Age of Decadence Part 2

Seems like a nice little budget game. One of those multiple choice rpg’s where your character build really affects your choices which is nice. Didn’t know where to g for one quest which was annoying but it might just be because I’m thick.