The curse of having a ginormous willy

I don’t know anything about that because mine qualifies as a derringer, see below


i presume it would be awkward when turning sharply in loose fitting shorts…but I’m just guessing


Twitch Streaming

I’m setting up my twitch channel so hopefully i will actually do some streaming at some point…

My YouTube Channel

I’ve started publishing videos again which is nice. Playing Arma 3 every friday now means i have a steady supply of fail-gold to edit into hopefully funny gold etc etc.

I’m also hoping to start up another Crusader Kings 2 run. This one i intend to actually finish with my mates and should be a laugh because how can being possessed and part of a satanic cult ever be boring?

My day so far…

Went into a bag store to “peruse the wares” and kinda actually ended up buying two backpacks…at least it was buy one get one free and i chatted to a woman for a bit…which was the only reason i really went in.

On a side note i unintentionally bumped into a school acquaintance who was doing quite well for herself (i mean looks fit) so that kinda balances out the fifty quid i dropped in the shop or at least i’m telling myself that.

Arma 3 Videos

Since Arma 3 on fridays now seem to be a thing for me, i guess i’m recording and editing arma 3 for my diddy YouTube now?


aka i am now doing a “consistent” amount of arma 3 videos, with consistent not being a good choice of words.

Arma 3

If that’s what being in the army is like I’m glad I’m not…though in all fairness it is my fault I’m wearing a wet-suit in the middle of an arid island.