Rimworld-The Big Brother House Diaries


Day One in the Big Brother House!

I don’t know how to change the name of the colony from “new arrivals” so my plan to call it the big brother house has already gone down the toilet. But for laughs, my three starting colonists are all women and named after me and my two other male friends. Good ol’ gender bending.


Martagasm, a former medieval slave and the daughter of Jimimanjaro, is somewhat unimpressed that Jimimanajro was a former medieval lordling. However, alongside Zohaib, a fan of pilots, they will have to work together to survive on this dump of a planet.


They find themselves next to a really bloody big mountain, with a very strategically placed valley to build in, so the beggars drag all their crap into their new abode.


It only occurs to the colonists at a later date that it looks like a small wang with malformed balls…it also takes a whole day to drag the supplies into the storage area!


Arma 3

If that’s what being in the army is like I’m glad I’m not…though in all fairness it is my fault I’m wearing a wet-suit in the middle of an arid island.